What are the 5 Stages of the Divorce Mediation Process?

A divorce is a very stressful phase of the lives of those who live through it. While divorce may entitle freedom to a married couple, it takes away everything that gives happiness besides social and marital status. Further, the medium itself is a complex process that invades the privacy of the spouses and burden one of them with future financial responsibilities. In the court trials of divorce, the spouses confront many difficulties as both of them stay against each other. The divorce lawyers or compensation claim solicitors accompany their clients and act following their decisions to solve the issues. The series of actions involved in a divorce can be emotionally draining for some divorcing couples who prioritize their privacy the most.

Divorce mediation is a legal platform where a married couple can solve their divorce issues rather than draw their matter to court. In a divorce mediation session, each spouse is equally given guidance to neutralize their disputes to get a solution. This medium of divorce can be an ideal option for those couples who hold back themselves from publicly disclosing their conflicts in court. In the entire divorce mediation procedure, a divorce mediation lawyer helps both spouses get a better idea of divorce mediation and attempts to clear out doubts regarding their issues to prevent their marital relationship before moving forward to the actual divorce process. Unlike divorce lawyers, divorce mediators do not take the side of any spouse to make the settlement. They present comprehensive information about divorce and its consequences to the spouses and assist them in achieving the best conclusion.

What are the stages of the divorce mediation process?

The process of divorce mediation is much like the court trials in divorce. But instead of divorce lawyers raising their clients’ disputes, divorce mediation holds a contrary view. A divorce mediator works in a confidential environment and neutrally handles issues coming from both parties. In the divorce mediation process, the divorcing spouses must go across the following 5 stages to proceed toward a resolution for their divorce.

1. Meeting a divorce mediator- To begin with the entire divorce mediation process, you must approach the mediator who is a potential fit to resolve your issues. Mediators are less prominent online than female divorce lawyers, so identifying one can take time. Once you find the right divorce mediator, arrange an intimate meeting with your spouse and discuss your concerns.

2. Collecting information- After outlining your problems, you will move forward to the next stage, where you, along with your spouse and mediator, will collect additional information to determine the requirements for the divorce. The mediator will also introduce you to the legal rules conforming to your affairs.

3. Framing disputes- In this stage, your mediator will highlight the legal consequences of the disputes which can arise from the separation. For example, a couple with a toddler will face child custody or alimony, and only one of the parents will be given child custody. Further, even if the male spouse is debarred from getting custody, he will still have to bear the cost of financial aid for his child.

4. Making negotiations- Although a mediator may direct the ways to reach the final separation agreement, they will persuade talks between the spouses to find a solution mutually. They can insist the spouses make negotiations regarding the disputes to avoid a negative outcome. However, if the couple shows disagreement, the mediator will interfere with advising the couple one more time.

Conclusion – In this final stage of divorce mediation, the mediator will bring a solution after both parties agree to negotiate. The mediator will take account of all settlement agreement details and put this into a formal record.

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