The Top 5 Best Paid Jobs in India to Launch Your Career

There is no doubt that everyone wants a well-paying job. It is understandable to want a career that pays what you deserve after spending so many years educating yourself.

While there is no shortage of lucrative employment opportunities, it’s crucial to realise that compensation standards differ between firms and industries. Your school background, professional experience, and other factors will all affect your pay.

We have produced a list of some of the highest paid jobs in India to look out for in 2023 to make things easy for you.

Top 5 highest paying jobs in India
1. Doctors and Surgeons
Salary -

The average compensation for healthcare professionals in India is approximately 10 LPA, according to the normal pay scale for medical professionals in India. More than 25% of health care workers receive a yearly salary of 20 LPA. According to PayScale, general surgery is one of the highest paying professions in India with an average compensation of Rs. 11,10,412 LPA for general surgeons and Rs. 6,95,239 LPA for general physicians.

The remuneration package of medical experts is often determined by their specialisation stream. Along with more conventional specialties like dentistry, optometry, and pharmacy, promising and well-paying career paths in the healthcare industry now include areas like healthcare administration, nursing and medical assisting, home health aide, etc.


The healthcare sector in India includes both public and private actors. The need for economical and high-quality healthcare services is rising as a result of the quick development of technology and the increasing prevalence of diseases.

One of the highest-paying professions in India is healthcare. The result is that the sector is also growing rapidly. According to the most recent statistics, India will rank among the top three healthcare markets by the end of 2022 due to the high incremental expansion of the sector, making it one of the most demanding positions in the country.

Roles and responsibilities

Despite the fact that each medical practitioner has unique duties, all doctors are required to carry out the following tasks:

Give patients appropriate medical care, including the prescription of medications.

Evaluate a patient’s symptoms and identify the ailment.

Take thorough notes on a patient’s medical problems and health difficulties.

Provide patients with follow-up treatment and assess test results (if any).

Work together with nurses, medical assistants, and other health professionals to provide excellent care.

Must consistently keep abreast of the newest developments in medical research and technology.

Top employers

Government of India (in medical institutes like AIIMS)



Narayana Hrudalaya

Columbia Asia



2. Machine Learning Expert
Salary -

One of the top paying careers in India is machine learning engineer, with an average income of 691,892 per year.

Machine learning engineers can make 501,058 year with less than a year of experience. Early career workers can anticipate receiving 698,443 in pay. A machine learning expert with ten to nineteen years of experience makes a staggering $1,948,718 annually.

The best location for machine learning professionals is Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, which offers 20% more than the national average. The city with the most openings is Bangalore, followed by Delhi/NCR.

Deep learning & Python are two abilities that are recognised to raise professionals’ average salaries.

22% of the ML jobs on Naukri offer salaries between 10 and 15 LPA, while 32% of the ML jobs do the same.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has a branch known as machine learning (ML), which is currently being actively implemented in a variety of sectors, including IT, BFSI, retail, transportation, healthcare, and education. This is unquestionably among the top occupations in India.

The market for AI and machine learning is expected to grow significantly in the next years, despite the fact that adoption of ML technology is still in its infancy in India. According to the most recent statistics, the investment in India’s AI sector is expected to increase at a CAGR of 33.49% between 2018 and 2023, making it one of the most demanding positions in the country.

Roles and responsibilities

Perform statistical analysis

Fine-tune test outcomes.

Train machine learning systems.

Perform fresh ML research and projects.

Develop ML applications and algorithms and put them into practise for the right business needs.

Top employers





hCapital Business Consulting

ITC Infotech

3. Data Scientist
Salary -

One of the highest paying careers in India, data scientist is a relatively new position that comes with a long list of benefits and competitive salary. A data scientist is a professional who gathers, analyses, and interprets vast volumes of data in an organisation, earning the title of “the most promising career” on LinkedIn.

One of the highest paying careers in India, data science gives certified specialists a salary between 4 and 12 lacs even if they have little to no prior expertise in the field. After five years of expertise, data scientists are paid between 60 and 70 LPA.

The national average salary of a data scientist is around 9,50,000. In Mumbai, the average pay is 11,70,000 and in Bangalore, it is 10,30,000.

Growth -

While many professions have existed for decades, data science is a relatively recent field that is gaining popularity and paying well. The demand for data scientists has increased by 40% or more since January 2019 and by more than 300% since 2013. This is a significant motivator for choosing data science as a career.

One of the top occupations in India is being a data scientist, which opens up prospects in some of the highest-paying Indian businesses for the highest-paying jobs in the world in 2022. The rationale for this should be obvious given that everything in today’s world is composed of data and that knowledge of the science behind data management is precisely what is needed.

Roles and responsibilities

Help locate reliable data sources and automate the processes involved in data acquisition.

Organise and clean up data, both organised and unstructured.

Examine enormous amounts of data in order to uncover insightful trends and patterns.

Present the results from huge datasets using data visualisation techniques.

Develop ML algorithms and predictive models.

Top employers



Walmart Labs

Procter & Gamble

People Interactive

4. Full Stack Software Developer
Salary -

Full-stack developers with less than a year of experience starting out can make up to 375,000. Between one and four years of expertise, full-stack developers can make up to 553,000 per year. One of the top 10 best paying professions in India for mid-level developers with 5 to 9 years of experience is 1,375,000 per year.


By 2025, it is anticipated that the Indian IT/ITeS sector will develop to a value of US$350 billion, opening up roughly 2.5–3 million job possibilities nationwide. This only serves to demonstrate how rapidly the need for software developers, including Full Stack Developers, will increase in the years to come.

Roles and responsibilities

Develop the frontend and backend architecture of a website.

Create user interfaces for websites.

Design servers and database features.

Optimise programmes for multiple platforms.

Design APIs.

Top employers








5. Blockchain Expert
Salary -

One of the top 10 highest paying jobs in India is blockchain technology, with an average income of Rs. 8,01,938.

Organizations give a large pay-out for the necessary skills due to the dearth of skilled workers. In India, one of the top paying positions for skilled professionals pays up to 45 LPA due to the excessive and expanding demand.


The Indian government has big plans for blockchain technology investment. In reality, along with other cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, and IoT, blockchain technology is a key component of the government’s Niti Aayog plan.

India saw a staggering 103.4% growth in investment in Blockchain technology in 2018 to reach US$ 154.8 million. Investment in blockchain technology is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 47.3% between 2019 and 2025, rising from US$ 289 million in 2019 to US$ 4,348.3 million in 2025.

Roles and responsibilities

Study, plan, create and test blockchain applications and systems.

Assessing and updating applications in order to stay current with new tools and technologies

Server and client-side apps’ maintenance and expansion.

Take part in the global Blockchain community actively and be involved.

Top employers









These are the top 5 most lucrative careers in India, ones that will support your financial development and be in great demand. The list above demonstrates unequivocally how a big wage package is unrelated to the sector of employment.

Every industry offers the possibility of good jobs with big salaries. We hope you enjoyed reading about the highest-paying careers in India. To take full advantage of the chance to locate the most challenging jobs in India, one only needs to be clear on their objectives, know which direction to travel in, and practice preservation.

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